Thank you for visiting our website on MR Angiography. The protocols presented here are our current practice. They were developed on the basis of 10 years experience with thousands of body MR Angiography cases. We are constantly refining and updating these protocols as magnets are updated and new pulse sequences become available. We hope that you find these protocols to be useful. We would appreciate hearing about any problems, insights or suggestions that you may have.
       The powerpoint slides are from my talks on MRA in various anatomic regions. We are making them available to you, for use in talks to referring physicians and radiology colleagues, in order to help increase awareness and referrals for MR Angiography. I hope you find them to be useful.
       We have made our intravenous tubing system, "SmartSet", available to anyone interested in performing 3D Gd:MRA. It is designed to simplify injecting gadolinium for MRA. No injector is required. We have made this available so that you will not have to repeat all the mistakes that I made in figuring out the optimal way to inject gadolinium boluses for dynamic imaging. I hope you find it to be useful.
       Finally, I want to thank the many Radiologists, Scientists, Fellows, Residents, Technologists, Nurses and other creative individuals who have contributed to the phenomenal pace and excitement of developing dynamic gadolinium-enhanced 3D MR Angiography. In addition, I want to give particular thanks to Hale Ersoy MD, Evelyn Mohalski MA, Howard Braham, and Fred Prince, BA for developing this website.

Martin R. Prince, MD, PhD

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