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About Us

Dr. Martin Prince is currently Professor of Radiology at Cornell and Columbia Universities in New York City, and Chief of MRI at New York Hospital with his time allocated 50% for clinical MR and 50% for MR research. He received his medical degree from Harvard University and a doctoral degree in medical physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After completing an internal medicine internship at the University of California, San Francisco, he undertook an angiography research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and then stayed on at MGH to complete a radiology residency and an MRI fellowship. Dr. Prince is known for developing contrast-enhanced MR Angiography. He has also been an associate editor of Radiology and an enthusiastic teacher and promoter of MRI to radiologists and other physicians

Working with Dr. Prince on the book are various Cornell graduate students whose research is based on MR Imaging. Michelle Cerilles, Mitch Cooper, Yasemin Durum, Cynthia Wisnieff, and Bo Xu are all part of the Cornell MRI Medical Imaging Research Lab (http://mri.med.cornell.edu). Also helping to develop and review content are Radiology Fellow Bea Reig and Cardiology fellow Dorinna Mendoza.

All Illustrations in the book have been done by Robert Zubkoff. Robert is a professional illustrator with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan.

Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Satre Stuelke for helping with the book, and developing the website. Dr. Stuelke was a student at Weill Cornell, and is now a Radiology resident at Geisinger. He also has a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.